Impressive Light photographed over the portal at Castleberg

25/01/2013 22:20

I was given two photo's by a friend in Settle to have a look at. These have been taken on an none digital camera and show what looks to be a very large light form that has either descended into or ascended from the portal. The person who took the photo's has lived in the portal area for some time, and took the pics from his home in the direction of Castleberg Rock, which can be seen in the photo.
I have yet to talk to the witness about his experience and will update here when I have, but here are a few scans of the photo's (originals and with enhancements to show further details).
In particular, something has shown up on one photo that can be seen on the original print, which has possibly been missed due to the eye focussing in on the main light source/object.
There are a number of points that need to be explained with these photo's and also the witness testimony, before we can definitely state that it a true unknown 'UFO', but the fact that this object/light source has been
seen in the direct vicinity of the portal, suggests something highly unusual.


Update on the Settle portal UFO photos: 
I have been talking to the man who took the photo's and have discovered a few important things about them.
I mentioned in the previous post here on FB that the prints were said to be none digital prints. This is incorrect. I have been told since (by the witness) that the photo's were taken with a digital camera about 3 years ago (2009-10).
He told me that 'something' compelled him to go outside and take a photograph of the sun rising over the cairn above Castleberg Rock, but as he pressed the camera button to take the shot, something shot into view and was picked up by the camera. He did not see what this was, just the light from it.
He had a strong compulsion to take a further photo of the same area.
I am not going to give the witness full name or address as he has asked my to keep this private, but I found it amazing that he told me that he is called 'Nigel' and he is 59 yrs old. (I am called Nigel and 59 yrs old too!!), he is a dowser of three years (I am a dowser too!!) and he has unknowingly visited exactly the same ancient sites in the area of the portal as myself !! Most amazingly, Nigel believes that he started to feel ill after he had been dowsing at the Nine Maidens Stone Circle, and readers of my book will know that this happened to me as well in 2010!!
Another fact that must not be overlooked is that Nigel mentioned to me that he is often awoken at 3.00am and does not know the reason for this? I have documented that this has happened several times to me and Helen whilst living here in Settle close to the portal.

But, the oddest part of all, is that it may be the case that Nigel picked up on his photograph the face of what looks to be a hooded face (similar to Greys). He was not aware of this until I noticed it when he was telling me he felt compelled to take the photo. I have enhanced that photo here.